The Top Reasons Why King Beds Are Better For Couples

  • January 17, 2019

If you are uncomfortable at night, getting to sleep is practically impossible. One of the keys to enjoying a peaceful, comfortable night of sleep is choosing the right bed. If you sleep with someone else, you should consider going with a king-sized mattress. These mattresses provide a lot of benefits when compared to beds in other sizes. Some of the top reasons why king beds are better for couples are listed below.

The most obvious reason why going with a king bed is a great choice for couples is because they offer a lot more room. Most king mattresses are 76 inches wide. This provides a lot more sleeping room than queen mattresses, which are only 60 inches wide. With a king bed, each partner has an additional 8 inches to stretch out. This can make it a lot more comfortable to sleep at night. Instead of being forced into a cramped, confined position, each person in the bed can comfortably lay in whatever position they like best.

From a size perspective, a king mattress is essentially the same as two twin mattresses. When you look at it this way, investing in one of these mattresses is essentially like giving each person their own bed. For most people, having enough room to lay in a comfortable position makes sleeping soundly through the night a lot easier.

Couples with children, in particular, can benefit from going with a king-sized mattress. It isn’t uncommon for kids to climb into bed with their parents during the night. Kids often have bad dreams, sending them scrambling for comfort in their parents’ arms. For couples sleeping in queen-sized beds, the addition of a child can make for an extremely uncomfortable night’s sleep. With a king bed, however, there is still plenty of room for everyone to sleep comfortably.

The same goes for families with pets. Dogs and cats love to climb into bed with their owners. Unfortunately, most pets tend to hog the bed, stretching out as far as they can. In a smaller bed, this can be problematic. In fact, many pet owners wind up having to close their pets out of the room so that they can sleep through the night.

Investing in a king bed can help eliminate this problem by ensuring that there is plenty of room for both people and pets. Many couples who own pets have been able to solve their sleep problems by purchasing a bigger bed.

King beds are also great for people who are tall. Since they are 80 inches long, most people can sleep in them with their legs fully extended. For people who are exceptionally tall, going with a California King mattress could be a better choice. These mattresses are 84 inches long, providing extra length for tall individuals. Keep in mind, however, that California King mattresses are a little bit narrower than standard king beds. Instead of measuring 76 inches wide, they only measure 72 inches wide. They still provide a lot more sleeping room than a queen mattress, however.

The main reason why king beds are better for couples is that they make it easier for them to sleep. People are less likely to have trouble sleeping when they have plenty of room to lay in a comfortable position. Smaller beds make it hard for two people to sleep comfortably together since they don’t have enough room for each person to stretch out as much as they might like to. With a king bed, however, there is usually plenty of space for everyone to lay however they want to, making it easier for them to sleep.


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